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Busy Week at SOPNS

We packed a lot into this week at SOPNS and did we have fun! We started our week off with miss Cricket from Drum to Learn. It was so fascinating seeing and hearing the children discover different feelings, rhythms and explorations with the drums. We can't wait for Drum to Learn to come back and pay us another visit.

Caterpillars arrived at our school this week. We have a few in the different classrooms. They are in different stages of their metamorphosis and we are eagerly awaiting the final stage and set our butterflies free! We have been active learning all about their life cycle with books, projects, art and music.

Mrs. Zedlar from the Zoo Crew brought in ladybugs today and our kiddos gave them a very warm welcome! What impressed me the most was how gentle and thoughtful the children were with our new little friends. We got so excited whenever we saw one flyaway to make a home in our playground.

This is just a little bit of what we did this week. If you are interested in our school or have any questions, please come by and check it out for yourselves. We are also having an Open House on Monday, April 30th from 10:00 to 12:00. Please RSVP 818-788-3537 or

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