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Pastor's Welcome

Pastor's Welcome


"I want to welcome you to our website as you consider choosing Sherman Oaks Presbyterian Nursery School. It will be a privilege to teach and help your child prepare for kindergarten!I am reminded of Jesus' words in Matthew chapter 19 verse 14. He tells his disciples to "let the little children come to him and not to hinder them because the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  I love this verse and it comes to my mind every time I think about our beautiful Nursery School ministry.I am very grateful for our incredible director, Jennifer O'Connor, and our school.  As a parent, all three of my children have learned and been blessed by our school ministry. We love being able to help every child grow socially and understand their precious value. No joy is greater for me in ministry then to see our school children come to better know the love, truth, and the goodness of Jesus, while at the same time getting a strong education and learning the social skills required to succeed and thrive in school the rest of their lives!I treasure being able to teach chapel every week and support Jennifer and our wonderful staff. I also am happy to be a resource for our families in every challenge that can come up.  My wife, Elizabeth, and I treasure every opportunity that our school presents when it comes to loving our school kids and our school families.

Pastor Zachary Kintner, Senior Pastor

Sherman Oaks Presbyterian Church

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