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Transitional Kindergarten


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A Day In the Life of a Bumblbee

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Come peek inside our little hive,

You’ll see our Bees count up to five,

And even go right up to ten,

and then count back to one again. 

We learn Math and shapes most everyday,

Through singing songs and fingerplays,

From five little ducks to one potato two 

There are endless songs for us to do. 


In our hive there is a cozy nook 

To relax and read a lovely book 

Which brings us to our ABC’s 

So important at the age of three,

We say it, sing it and write it, yes!

Through games and lots of fun sensory 



Another subject that we love to do, 

Is art, wonderful art with colors and glue, 

We use paint, paper and scissors to get our fill 

Which even improves our fine motor skills! 


Oh look over there! No time to waste

What’s that they’re making, elephant toothpaste? 

Yes! We love Science in the hive,

Experimenting makes us feel alive! 


But what about their little hearts? You ask,

That is our most important task, 

Through guidance, patience and lots of fun

We teach love and kindness to everyone.


Wow, that’s what I call a busy day! 

Of Math and Art, Science and play 

Now I think it would be best 

For all of us to take a rest.

Come back tomorrow sharp at 9 

To start our day with circle time. 

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A Day in the life of an explorer

Come explore the school year with Ms. Reid and her Pre-K class! SOPNS
has been blessed to have her here for 16 years. She is a wonderful
teacher that inspires the love of learning in her students. The days are
filled with singing, reading, art, math, science, social studies and play.
Here are examples of what they are busy exploring:
Music: Singing is an important part of school! We sing about so many
things, including food, love and silly songs too!
Phonics: Our phonics workbooks are an integral part of our learning
experience. This includes initial consonant sounds, vowels, plurals,
rhyming and sight words. We also include games such as alphabet
bingo, fishing for letters, words and names. All of these help us to learn
pre-reading basics.
Mathematics: Math includes, counting to 20 and counting by 10’s.
Reviewing geometric shapes, and following a pattern. We work on
addition and subtraction, facts to 5, time and money.
Social Studies/Geography: We learn facts about our beautiful country
(after all, our circle time takes place sitting on our map of the U.S
carpet) We learn about our state, our flag and patriotic songs including
our National Anthem.
Art: The joys of art include easel painting, finger painting, collage, clay,
water colors, decoupage, and anything else the children create.
Science: Our science program includes art, science experiments,
cooking projects and a Science Fair in May.
Reading: We love to read! We have a beautiful, classroom library of
books. We also are learning about the author, illustrator and tracking
left to right. We work on Diorama’s in November. But one of our

favorites is when someone is our Guest Story Reader of the day. Please
consider signing up for this. We love when our family reads to us!
Skills: Using scissors, glue and rulers are so important for fine motor
skills and pre-reading skills.
Play: Play is so important in early childhood. This is the main way that
they learn. With dramatic play they are busy in our housekeeping
corner where they can dress up, play with the pretend food, store,
babies or large dollhouse. We have a puppet theatre where they can
put on a puppet show with a variety of puppets, including the ones that
they made. We also have many manipulative play opportunities which
include puzzles, blocks, nuts and bolts, cubes and pattern boards and
play doh.
Rest Time: As you can see, we are quite busy exploring our school days.
We like to make sure children have adequate rest time, which is very
important to their development. We have comfy mats with fitted
sheets and a blanket. They can bring a small stuffed friend to snuggle
with. They lie down for a brief rest time. Some of them fall asleep and
some don’t. After a few minutes, the children who are awake are able
to participate in quiet activities such as art, writing, puzzles or
So this is our day in a nutshell in the Explorer classroom. We would love
for you to come by and visit us to see if you would like to be an Explorer

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