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Children and Gardening

There is something about growing your own food. And there is something really special about creating a garden with children. All the teachable moments it creates, for child and adult. Letting the children pick what they want to grow, flowers, fruit or vegetables. If you start with seeds, the discussion about the way they look different or similar or the conversation about what is going to grow or what happens if it doesn't. The topics can be endless and so can the memories. And then the process of caring for your garden and hopefully the satisfaction you have from actually being able to eat from it and sharing it with others. And maybe one of the favorite parts is just the joy of being outdoors and getting our hands a little dirty. Ms. Reid, who is the teacher in our Explorer class, started a garden with her children. They enjoyed tending to their crop and eventually enjoyed making a delicious salad. Check out SOPNS and come play with us and grow with us!

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