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Outdoors, Boxes, Imagination and Friends!

I love working with children! I get to see the world through the eyes of a child everyday. Their imaginations are amazing. Their hearts are loving and eager to find their friends on the playground and engage. Our morning started a little rough. We weren't getting along so well in the classroom. Sharing is always a hard thing to figure out and so is being patient enough to wait your turn. We went outside and kind of went our own way for a bit. Which is great because sometimes we need a little alone time to figure things out. And then it happened. We found each other by the little yellow bus on the playground. Someone decided to be the driver and was gracious enough to give us all a ride. We must have sat there for a good 15 minutes, talking about where we were going to go and taking turns filling up the gas tank. One of us decided that a box would be a great addition to our ride. We worked things out when there was a minor disagreement and continued with our road trip. The conversations were sweet and genuine. I feel lucky that I was able to ease drop in on this and capture the moment.

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